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Grinding and polishing series
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FRT-3800 stone edge polishing&grinding machine

The machine adopt high precision castings have been assembled,walking the two-speed motor,pull the head can set bottom plate internal grinding,curves,the head can rotating 360°,flat head can be simple lines,produce products with good brightness,high efficiency.simple operation.etc.

磨轮直径Diameter of grinding wheelmm¢150
最大加工长度Max,processing lengthmm30003500
最大加工宽度Max,processing widthmm600
最大加工厚度Max,processing thicknessmm150
主电机功率Main motor powerkw5.57.5
总功率Gross powerkw8.0512.05
耗水量Water consumptionm3/h3
外形尺寸(长x宽x高)Overall dimension(LxWxH)mm4400x2300x16004900x2300x1600
总重量The total weightkg9001000

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