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FRT-2700/3200 single arm stone edge cutting machine

The machine adopts steel and casting iron structure, man-machine integration mode of operation, the cutting head can rotate 90 °, electric up and down, Electric lifting, workbench drive by hand , the whole structure strong and stable, stable performance and nice appearance. High efficiency and good cutting accuracy, It's suitable for cutting small slabs, slat, slabs trimming, chamfer and etc.

锯片直径Blade diametermm¢300-¢600
最大加工尺寸(长x宽x厚)Max.working dimensions(LxWxH)mm2700x1200x1803200x1200x180
工作台尺寸(长x宽)Table size(LxW)mm2700x8003200x800
主电机功率Main motor powerkw7.511
总功率Gross powerkw8.0512.05
耗水量Water consumptionm3/h3
外形尺寸(长x宽x高)Overall dimension(LxWxH)mm4400x2300x16004900x2300x1600
总重量The total weightkg16001700

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