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Cutting series
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FRT-2000/2500/2800 stone bridge type block cutting machine

  This machine adopts PLC programmable control system, man-machine integrated touch screen interface, supplemented by ultra-high precision rotary encoder positioning slice, left and right cutting speed control by inverter, adjust the speed by stone material, up and down using hydraulic Combined with chrome-plated guide pin + wear-resistant guide sleeve sliding up and down, with a small gap wear, and multi-layer seal design in the guide sleeve, waterproof and dustproof anti-spill, improve service life, automatically slice, blocks can be set directly on the ground, to save the cost of table and maintenance. High-speed movement parts are high-quality imported spare parts, so it has a high cutting efficiency, high-precision cutting, high stability, easy operation and flexible and etc., especially for high-value large-size granite , Marble slabs processing.

  If the production needs, the user can have the optional for 360 ° rotating table


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