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In the past 20 years in the stone industry, what breakthroughs have been made in countertop and line processing technology?

   For example, the automatic line machine has completed the modeling, grinding and polishing of the line, which can completely replace the human to produce and process the line, and realize the mechanized processing of the line; the waterjet machine cutting the special-shaped plate has completely replaced the manual, and realized the mechanization of the special-shaped plate. Processing

For example, the automatic line machine has completed the modeling, grinding and polishing of the line, which can completely replace the human to produce and process the line, and realize the mechanized processing of the line; the waterjet machine cutting the special-shaped plate has completely replaced the manual, and realized the mechanization of the special-shaped plate. Processing

   The most difficult stone product processing, the engraved products that rely purely on manual processing are also moving towards mechanized processing, partially replacing manual processing. The continuous development and progress of stone equipment at home and abroad is promoting the upgrading of equipment manufacturing in the stone industry, and the development of stone products in the direction of mechanization, automation, and even intelligence, which frees the stone industry from the shackles of traditional manufacturing technology and realizes Technological changes, changes, and progress towards modern manufacturing.

Countertop manufacturing equipment was produced in Italy as early as the 1990s. The author once introduced Italy in the paper "Application of CNC Technology in Stone Processing" published in the first issue of "Stone" in 2003. The technology of processing table tops with the best stone processing center and automatic continuous edging machine.

   At that time, due to the high value of these equipments and the fact that the domestic stone equipment has not yet been manufactured, the labor resources are very abundant. Almost no stone production enterprises use processing centers to process the countertops, and they all use manual labor to process the countertops.

   Even now, there are only a handful of stone manufacturers that use machining centers to process countertops with fully automatic continuous edging machines.

Fortunately, many domestic stone processing centers and edge grinding machines can be manufactured by many stone equipment manufacturers, and the quality of the products is also good, so that stone manufacturers have more room for independent choice and no longer need to be affected by Italian stone. Due to the high price of equipment, high-quality countertop products can be manufactured with domestically made low-cost equipment, which can realize the mechanization and automated processing of countertops.

Recently, we have seen some domestic and foreign machining center equipment and fully automatic continuous edging machine equipment used in the processing of countertops, and the processed countertops not only have high production efficiency, low labor intensity of employees, and good quality of processed products. Compared with the traditional manual processing of countertops, it has taken several major steps forward, and has promoted the progress of stone countertop processing technology. This technology of replacing manual processing countertops with equipment should be worthy of vigorous promotion in the stone industry. Promote the mechanized and automated manufacturing of the countertop production process.

  1, tabletop processing equipment

   (1) Shengbang automatic multi-function edging machine

Shengbang fully automatic edging machine entered the Shuitou stone market as early as 2016, and played an important role in the production and processing of countertops in various processing plants in Shuitou, and made great contributions to the production and processing of countertops in the processing plants. The benefits.

The most productive edge type in the processing of stone countertops is the straight edge within 8 cm. The straight edge sees the light, the oblique angle sees the light, the straight edge sees the light + the upside down sees the light, the French edge, the foot line, and the seamless Back down, back down to see the light, chicken mouth, etc.

At present, many stone factories in the processing of these edge types of countertops basically rely on manual polishing and polishing, especially the polishing and polishing of the foot line edge, 1/4 arc edge, and French edge. The processing quality is low. The side is suitable for people, the size is inconsistent, the randomness is large, the production efficiency is low, the products are not interchangeable after processing, and the dust in the production process is large, which pollutes the environment.

With Shengbang automatic edging machine, it can be said that the above shortcomings are completely solved, and this machine can almost complete the molding, grinding and polishing of all edge types of stone countertops. The production efficiency is very high. The processing thickness of the countertop can reach 100mm. This edging The thickness of most domestic edging machines can not meet the requirements of this process.

  This kind of automatic edge grinding machine is processed with smooth surface as the reference surface. The processing quality is not limited by the thickness error of the plate, the chamfer is accurate and error-free, the processed products are consistent, and the interchangeability is good.

   (2) Shengbang automatic super edge grinding machine

Shengbang automatic super edge grinding machine integrates the processing functions of multiple machines. It can grind the round edges, small R rounds, Tamron edges, 407 edges, French edges, and large flat stones according to different sizes and thicknesses of the stone. Beveled edge + side throwing can be completed at one time, straight edge chamfering within 8 cm, flat throwing without silk thread, non-slip grooves for stairs, linear type completed at one time, drawing grooves to see light, bevel angles, large beveled edges at any angle, and other special shapes The forming, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing processes of the machine can be completed at one time.

  The brightness after processing is higher than the board surface. The No. 1 motor of this machine can be equipped with a saw blade with a diameter of 300mm to process the reverse cutting of the stone. The last four motors can be adjusted electrically at 45-90 degrees, 45-degree chamfering, and large beveled edges can be processed at any angle.

  The minimum processing size of the edging board width is 60mm*60mm, and the maximum thickness is 100mm. If the transmission part of the equipment is appropriately improved, the processing thickness can be larger.

  (3) Machining Center

   Machining center is a kind of CNC machine tool with extremely powerful processing functions. There is a tool library in the machining center. There are various tools for the processor to choose from, such as cutters, milling cutters, drilling knives, saw blades, forming knives, engraving knives, grinding wheels, etc. The machining center is a universal machine that covers a variety of machine functions. The products that can be processed include sinking, embossing, inlaid mosaics, three-dimensional wash basins, various countertops, column heads, column bases, bending lines, and various solid columns. , Spherical bodies, conical surfaces and cones, various non-standard curved surfaces, etc.

The machining center equipment has 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis precision mechanisms, which can process complex three-dimensional engraving patterns. At the same time, it integrates plane engraving and rotating body processing. It can process various stone countertops, tombstone surfaces, arches, and various shapes. Silhouettes, fireplaces, etc.

  The CNC machining center has a tool magazine and a manipulator. According to the pre-ordered processing program, various tools are automatically changed to the spindle and the used tools are replaced. The CNC machining center can realize multi-axis linkage, and can process a variety of complex curved surfaces, including countertop products made of block blanks.

  The CNC machining center is equipped with a laser scanning system and special software, which can scan two-dimensional plane patterns to generate graphics, use special software to modify and process the patterns, and extract and manage related data at the same time. The CNC machining center is equipped with cad/cam software, which can carry out product design and computer automatic programming. The internal software of the numerical control equipment can be modified and reset. All machining centers are equipped with quick tool change and tool wear control systems. All functions from simple cutting to complex engraving are completed automatically. CNC machining centers mainly include compound machining centers, engraving machining centers, and turning machining centers.

   It is specially used for the processing of manufacturing countertops, which can shape, polish and polish the sink surface. It seems that the processing is not only suitable for the mass production of multiple pieces, but also for the production of single pieces and a few customized products. The product production is free and the processing range is wide. The product processing accuracy can reach 0.001mm. The size range of the processing table is generally within 3000×2800×480mm.

  1) GMM machining center

   GMM's electronic bridge cutting machine is a very good machine. It entered China in large numbers in the 1990s and has been widely used. GMM's processing centers also have a certain amount of market in China and are welcomed by Chinese stone manufacturers.

   Haixi Stone, Huahui Stone, Jianlongda Stone, Ruifengyuan Stone and other production enterprises have GMM processing centers. GMM processing can complete the cutting, drilling, and edge forming of the countertop. Currently, the edge grinding and polishing cannot be completed.

  2) Prussiani machining center

  The machining center can complete the cutting, drilling, edge forming, grinding and polishing of special-shaped countertops. It is very suitable for processing countertops and is also a very ideal equipment.

  3) Bailitong Machining Center

  Complete the cutting, drilling, and edge forming of the countertop. Currently, the edge grinding and polishing cannot be completed. Figure 6 Bailitong machining center 4) Yongda five-axis machining center Yongda's five-axis CNC is less expensive than Italian equipment and is very suitable for the processing of countertops. It can complete special-shaped cutting, edge forming, grinding and polishing. Figure 7 Yongda five-axis machining center 5) Jingyou Shengjinwei machining center Jingyou, Taiwan, Kunshan Shengjinwei manufacturing processing center should be the best among domestic brands, these years the company is committed to the processing of stone countertop products The processing of automatic equipment, produces a series of processing centers suitable for different needs of tabletop processing, which are very popular with stone manufacturers. Figure 8 Jingyou Shengjinwei Machining Center 1. Automatic continuous edging machine polishing and polishing table panel Fully automatic continuous edging machine polishing and polishing table panel can only polish and polish straight-edged table tops. As for the curved table tops, there is nothing that can be done. It can only be done by a machining center. Figure 9 Omega 100 polished and polished table top 2. Machining center processing table top Machining center processing table top can complete the cutting of the special-shaped edge of the table top, the cutting to the basin hole, the drilling of the water hole, the forming of the edge, the edge A series of work such as grinding and polishing, its superiority is unmatched by any equipment. It shows the strong advantage of the machining center on the processing table. It is a future development direction of the tabletop processing technology. It has broad prospects and can be realized. Streamlined, mechanized, and automated panel production and processing. If the various facilities are well matched, even the intelligent production and processing of countertops can be realized.

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