Pioneer Archers Inc. - Club Documents/Policies

Club Uniform

AussiePacific Eureka Polo

Strategic Planning (PDF Format)

101  Constitution 102  By-Laws 103  3 Year Strategic Plan 
Certificate of Incoporation    

Job Descriptions - Elected Officer (PDF Format)

201   President 202   Vice President 203   Secretary
204   Treasurer 205   Recorder 206   AWA Delegate

Job Descriptions - Appointed Positions (PDF Format)

301  Webmaster 302  Field Captain (DoS) 303  Equipment Officer
304  Juniors Representative 305  Social Club Chairperson 306  Instructors/Coach
307  Member Protection Officer    

Policies & Procedures (PDF Format)

401  Code of Behaviour   402  Communication and Use of New Technology Policy   403  Member Protection Policy  
404  Club Championships 405  Club Records 406  Safe & Healthy Sport
407  Standing Orders 408  Privacy Policy 409  Shooting Rules
410  Club Fees 411  Handicap Matchplay Events   

Information (PDF Format)

501  Members Handbook 502  The Archers Diary Registration   

Forms (PDF Format)

601   Membership Application
602  Temporary Affilate Membership Form 603  Elected Officer Nomination Form
604  Proxy Form  605  Uniform Order Form 606  Archery Lessons
607 Target Scoresheets (MSExcel) 608 CoM Attendence Record Sheet  
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Rules and more Rules

It is not the intent to have rules for the sake of having rules.

However, we need to ensure that all members of the club understand their responsibility towards themselves and other members of the club

A lot of the documents listed here are related to safety and fair play. The other documents provide guidance and direction so that we can all enjoy the sport and the rewards.

The Job Descriptions have been provided so that members can find out what the positions actually do, rather than being bamboozled after listening to war-stories.