Pioneer Archers Inc.- Governance


Committee of Management (2019-2020)

President Jim Steers (AA#22672)
Vice President Vacant
Secretary Harry Anderson (AA#23033)
Treasurer Ramana Doyle (AA#26738)
Recorder David Doyle (AA#26739)
AWA Delegate Vacant

Appointed Positions

Archery Instructor Vacant
Web Master Trevor Greenham (AA#452)
Equipment Officer/s Samanatha Hutchins (AA#21251) & David Doyle (AA#26739))
Youth Representative Samanatha Hutchins (AA#21251)
Director of Shooting (Field Captain) Any Member who has completed the "AA Club Officals" online course.


General Meeting July 2012 AGM 2012  
CoM January 2013 CoM February 2013 CoM April 2013
CoM May 2013 CoM July 2013 CoM August 2013
AGM 2013 CoM October 2013 CoM November 2013
CoM January 2014 CoM February 2014 SGM March 2014
CoM April 2014 CoM May 2014 SGM June 2014 (No Quorum)
CoM July 2014 (No Quorum) CoM August 2014 (No Quorum) AGM 2014
CoM Oct 2014 (No Quorum) CoM Nov 2014 (No Quorum) CoM Dec 2014 (No Quorum)
CoM Jan 2015 (No Quorum) CoM Feb 2015 CoM Mar 2015 (No Quorum)
CoM Apr 2015 (No Quorum) CoM May 2015 (No Quorum) SGM Jun 2015
CoM Jul 2015 (No Quorum) CoM Aug 2015 (No Quorum) AGM Sept 2015
CoM Oct 2015 (No Quorum)    
CoM Feb 2016 (No Quorum) CoM Apr 2016 (No Quorum) SGM Jun 2016
SCoM Aug 2016 AGM Sept 2016 CoM Oct 2016
CoM Nov 2016    



Draft Policies/Reports





Through open and accountable management practices the running of the club will be via constant feedback from and consultation with its members.

All minutes, notices and draft policies will be placed on this page for membership ratification.